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5 Free Online Tools

Check out Travel Panda for all your East Asian Travel needs. They even posted this article on Japanese study to help make your travels all that much smoother.

Flashcards Deluxe

A great flashcard application that is cheap and easy to use. A great way to take your study on the road and not have to worry about carrying around hundreds of paper cards.

JPOD 101

Take your Japanese study on the go with JPOD's podcasts. The podcasts feature native speakers using real Japanese in conversations in an attempt to teach specific grammar points. If you pay for a subscription you are given ac...
genki (1)


So you are just starting out in your Japanese studies and need a textbook, what do you choose?  For most of us the choice will come down to two books:  Genki and Minna No Nihongo.  Both are fine places to start, but lets loo...

Minna No Nihongo

Minna No Nihongo is a great introduction to the language, but can be intense for beginners. The books are written in Japanese which is better in the long run, but can be intimating

White Rabbit Kanji Flashcards

Arguably the scariest part of learning Japanese is the Kanji, or as my mom refers to it, “Squiggles.”  Learning Hiragana and Katakana is difficult enough, but learning a specific Kanji for each word is tough.  Whi...

Japanese Grammar Dictionary

A grammar dictionary to end all grammar dictionaries. Covers every grammar point you could ever come across, and it includes several example sentences to demonstrate each point. If you only buy one textbook in your Japanese s...

N1 直前対戦

This is a fantastic book of quizzes that cover the Vocab and Grammar portion of the N1 test. The book consists of 15 of these quizzes and does a great job of testing whether or not you are ready for the real test. Also the re...


Anki is a flashcard program that uses Spaced Repetition to help the user remember what they are studying. The program can be used for virtually anything you want to study and is not limited to just languages. The interface is...

Nihongo So-Matome Series

The series covers all the sections of the JLPT extensively, including ample example questions to test your understanding. Although it covers everything well, the practice questions have a tendency of being a bit too easy and d...