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The Tatoeba Project

The Tatoeba Project allows you to look up example sentences in dozens of languages for whatever word you want to look up. It relies on native speakers to submit example sentences so if you like the project, feel free to submit...


Anki is a flashcard program that uses Spaced Repetition to help the user remember what they are studying. The program can be used for virtually anything you want to study and is not limited to just languages. The interface is...

Flashcards Deluxe

A great flashcard application that is cheap and easy to use. A great way to take your study on the road and not have to worry about carrying around hundreds of paper cards.
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A fantastic website to get the basics down. The site will teach you a good deal of vocab while at the same time teaching you the most essential grammar points you will need to start speaking Chinese. The site also has a dicti...

Schaum’s Outlines “Chinese Grammar”

Schaum's Outlines Chinese Grammar covers the very basics but is very random with their points and difficult to follow. The book has several practice problems for every point which is very helpful.
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Pera Pera Chinese

Pera Pera Chinese is a free pop up dictionary that displays the meaning and reading of Chinese characters when the mouse hovers over a character.

Lang 8

A great way to practice using your new words, grammar, or even just ask a question. Lang 8 is a fantastic online community that will correct your mistakes in a quick and easy to learn from method.