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Talk To Me In Korean

Posted June 28, 2012 by admin in Essentials
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Creator: Talk To Me In Korean
Where You Can Find It: http://www.talktomeinkorean.com/
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An extensive guide to learning Korean. Provides 10 minute long podcasts to help with your listening and pronunciations. PDFs will give great grammar explanations. The whole thing is FREE. (Unless you want to download the lessons in bulk.)


The podcast hosts can be a bit hard to listen to at points. (You will find this in any podcast though.)

Talk To Me In Korean is a fantastic learning experience through podcasts. The podcasts are broken down into easy to tackle chunks and are 100% free. The site also provides PDFs for more explanations. Overall a fantastic approach to learning the language.

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First things first, I am not studying Korean, I have never studied Korean,  and prior to going looking at “Talk To Me In Korean” I never had any interest in studying Korean.  I went to Korea a couple years back and thought the language was terribly difficult to pronounce and to be quite honest, not all that pleasant sounding.  However, I do want to find the best in language study materials so I asked my Korean studying friends for their recommendations.  The one site that came up in everyone`s recommendations was “Talk To Me In Korean.”

The site itself is pretty typical for a podcast site.  If you are familiar with “Korean Pod 101” or any other number of language learning podcast sites, you will know how this works.  A pair of hosts talk about a specific topic, give an example dialogue, go over the vocabulary and grammar points, and offer tips and explanations you will not find in textbooks.  This is great to practice your pronunciation and actually hear what the words are supposed to sound like.  The hosts can be awkward at points, but the tips they have are essential for taking your language abilities to the next level.  The site also offers a PDF with more detailed explanations that allow you to follow on paper what the hosts are saying on the podcasts.

Here is the layout of the site:


Like I said before, this is your fairly typical podcast website, but here is the kicker.  It is FREE.  Yes all of these podcasts and PDFs are FREE.  No year subscriptions, no user fees, Free.  You can pay the $1.99 for a bulk download of all the lessons in a unit (Significantly less expensive than any other site) or you can listen to all of the podcasts online for free.

The lessons are really well thought out and provide a wonderful guide to the lesson.  I can`t say that this will eradicate the need for any other resource, but seeing how it is free makes it one of the best out there.

Check it out at:

Talk To Me In Korean


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