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A community of language learners who are there to help you. A unique opportunity to learn from natural speakers. Fast and easy to understand corrections. Also it`s free.


Usually your post will be corrected within minutes, but depending on how much you write and what time you write it, you may have to wait awhile for people to correct it.

A great way to practice using your new words, grammar, or even just ask a question. Lang 8 is a fantastic online community that will correct your mistakes in a quick and easy to learn from method.

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When learning a language, nothing can beat actually going to that country and using what you are learning.  In real life however, that’s not always possible.  Lang-8 would be the next best thing.

Lang-8 is a free blogging website that allows you to write entries in the language you are studying. After posting your entry, native speakers will see your post and make corrections and comments to help you understand your mistakes.  It is a great way to take your language ability to the next level.  If you ever have a question on how to use a specific grammar point or a new word, write a Lang-8 entry and within minutes native speakers will teach you the correct usage.

Lang-8 is one of the best community out their for language learners, and it is free!  They do have a premium member service that will cost about 600 yen per month, but the free services are more than enough.

Sign up for your own account now and start learning from your mistake now at Lang-8

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