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Nihongo So-Matome Series

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Creator: White Rabbit Press
Where You Can Find It: Any Book Store, Amazon
Cost: 2500 Yen
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Cheaper than most. Easy to understand. The sections are broken up into weeks and days, which makes it easy to stay on track. Lots of example questions.


Practice questions may be too easy. Might not adequately prepare you for the test.

The series covers all the sections of the JLPT extensively, including ample example questions to test your understanding. Although it covers everything well, the practice questions have a tendency of being a bit too easy and doesn’t adequately prepare you for the real test.

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Nihongo So- Matome Series (日本語総まとめ), or the JLPT books with the animals on the covers, is a great series of books that does an incredible job of breaking up the grammar into easily digestible sections that contain related grammar.  The explanations are in English as well as Japanese and offer several example sentences.  The book is divided into so many weeks and with in those weeks 7 days.  Each page is a day that includes new grammar along with 7 test questions.  At the end of the week (or the 7th page of that section) you will be given a review test of the grammar you learned that week.

The Nihongo So- Matome Series makes books for every level of the JLPT and for every portion of the test:

  • Kanji
  • Vocabulary
  • Grammar
  • Reading
  • Listening


Overall a great tool to have help prepare you for the JLPT and learn proper Japanese.  If the practice questions were a bit more difficult  than this would be perfect.

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Nihongo So-Matome Series, 8.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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