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Creator: JPOD
Where You Can Find It: www.jpod101.com
Cost: Basic: 4 Dollars A Month Premium: 10 Dollars A Month Premium +: 24 Dollars A Month
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You get to hear new words and grammar used by native speakers. You can take your study with you as you are on the move. The website has a community feel where you can ask questions and get information about all things Japan.


Can get a bit pricey. Especially considering how many fantastic resources are online for free. The hosts can be a bit... too much. The hosts were quite cheesy and detracted from the podcasts. Occasionally, the podcasts teach words and phrases that Japanese people do not actually use.

Take your Japanese study on the go with JPOD’s podcasts. The podcasts feature native speakers using real Japanese in conversations in an attempt to teach specific grammar points. If you pay for a subscription you are given access to a great deal of study materials including a grammar and word bank.

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Japanese Pod 101 offers podcasts for Japanese learners on the go.  Each podcast is about 5-10 minutes long and consist of:

Japanese Dialogue

The length of the dialogue varies depending on the level of difficulty you are listening to.  Each podcast will focus on a specific grammar structure or set of vocab, and listeners will be able to listen to native speakers use it in real life situations.

Vocab Explanation

After the dialogue they will review the new words that were used.  They offer time for the listener to repeat the words for pronunciation practice.

Grammar Breakdown

At the end they run through the grammar point the dialogue was focusing on.  After an explanation they offer several different example sentences.

Overall the Japanese Pod 101 offers a great podcast to help take your language studies on the go, but the website is a whole lot more.  The site offers PDFs with example sentences and more detailed explanations for every podcast.  There are even grammar and vocabulary databases where you can download flashcards and see even more example sentences.  An incredibly useful asset for any Japanese Learner.

However, it comes at a cost.


For $4 a month you will have access to

1. All The Podcasts

2. PDFs

3. Lesson Checklist

4. 100 Core Vocab Flash Cards


For $10 a month you will get everything in the Basic Pack plus

1.  2000 Core Vocab Flash Cards

2.  Kana Learning Suite

3.  JLPT Prep

4.  Line-by-Line Audio Transcript

5.  Interactive Lesson Quizzes

6.  Vocabulary Slideshow

7.  My Word Bank

8. Space Repetition Flashcards

9.  My Feeds

10.  Kanji Dictionary

11.  Japanese Audio Dictionary

12.  Grammar Bank

13.  Pronunciation and Accent

14.  Video Vocabulary

Premium +

For $24 a month you get the Basic and Premium package as well as:

1.  1 – on -1 Professional Assement

2.  Personalized Self Study

3.  1- on -1 Live instructor Hours


Overall this is a fantastic place to get listening practice as well as grammar explanations and vocab lists.  If you are willing to pay that is.



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JPOD 101, 5.7 out of 10 based on 3 ratings

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    This is by far the best resource for learning a good foundation for the Japanese language. Price can seem high, but you would spend at least that much for books over time that the website has resources already included. Agree the hosts can be a little cheesy, but at least it is not dry and make you want to jam a chopstick in your throat before going to another lesson (think Rosetta Stone!). Over the course of one year I can read, speak and understand a good portion of what I see or hear on the web or TV. Still very much a beginner, but have come a long way with this site without going to a university. Basic is cheep, but you do not get all the resources… Premium+ is expensive and you get as much resources as a university. So cost is relevant to how you want to learn. If you want to learn online use this…..no other equal!!!

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      Thanks Tim! Yeah I certainly agree. This is a great resource, especially if you are not in the country. The hosts get to me at times, but that is a small price to pay for how great a study tool JPOD is.

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