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Great beginner lessons that include audio and are categorized into everyday situations. Fantastic dictionary that includes a search bar for synonyms as well as slang. Pinyin Editor that allows you to type using the tones.


The site does not have longevity, you will go through this site in 2-4 weeks. The lessons' example sentences can be poorly formatted sometimes, which can make it hard to read.

A fantastic website to get the basics down. The site will teach you a good deal of vocab while at the same time teaching you the most essential grammar points you will need to start speaking Chinese. The site also has a dictionary, a pinyin editor to type tones, and much more.

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Chinese is a difficult language.  Between the tones and the characters, the language may seem impossible to most people.  Unless you are going through a textbook with someone who breaks everything down for you in easy to understand chunks, a lot of people become overwhelmed and give up.

Fortunately, Chinese Tools does a great job at making beginners Chinese much easier to handle.

The website brakes down the basics into 40 quick and easy online lessons that contain audio tracks so that you are able to hear the pronunciation as you study.   The lessons are separated in to common themes that demonstrate the grammar point in an everyday conversation.  The structure goes something like this:

  • Example Conversation (includes new vocab rundown)
  • Translation
  • Example Conversation 2
  • Translation
  • Example Conversation 3
  • Translation
  • Grammar Explanation
  • Exercises: Substitution Drills
  • Review Flashcards

This is a fantastic set up to really teach you basic Chinese.  It is quick, easy to follow, and just the right amount in each lesson.  However the website does not stop there in its usefulness.

Chinese Tools is much more than just some online lessons for basic Chinese, the site also offers an online Chinese Dictionary, a Pinyin Editor, and so much more.

The dictionary is pretty straight forward.  You type the word you are looking for, and it brings up a list of related words.  Where this dictionary shines is its ability to search for synonyms and slang in Chinese.  If you are writing a paper in Chinese and are tired of using the same word, but your vocabulary is limited, the synonym finder will be of great help.  The slang dictionary will teach you words you will here in conversations, but will not appear in your textbook.  These are invaluable in taking your study to the next level.

Finally the Pinyin editor will help you type in pinyin.  For most of your Chinese typing needs, you will want to type in the characters, but when making flashcards this pinyin editor will be incredibly useful so that you can be sure to mark the tones of your words.

So instead of typing “Ni Hao” you can type “Nǐ Hǎo.”

The website has loads of uses and definitely worth a look.


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