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Creator: Orange or Apple
Where You Can Get It: iTunes
Cost: 350 Yen
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Easy to use. Quick way to review words. Uses Spaced Repetition. Cheap.


It has a website with a good amount of user made flashcards, but nowhere near the extent that Anki has.

A great flashcard application that is cheap and easy to use. A great way to take your study on the road and not have to worry about carrying around hundreds of paper cards.

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Flashcards Deluxe is flashcard application that, like Anki, implements a Spaced Repetition system of reviewing words.  What this means is that the program will automatically push the words that you are struggling with to the top of the list. By doing this you will review the words you need to review more often.  If you get the card wrong, you will review it again shortly, if you get the card right on several occasions, it might not reappear for a couple weeks.

This system is found in Anki, as well as many other flashcard applications, but what makes Flashcards Deluxe special is its price and setup.

Whereas Anki will set you back 2,300 Yen for the iPhone App (Free on the Android), Flashcards Deluxe is only 350 Yen.

The setup of Flashcards Deluxe is simple and most importantly fast.  First off there are no buttons or areas to push.  With most flashcard applications, Anki included, you must choose one of several buttons at the bottom of the screen to determine how correct or how wrong you got it.  With Flashcards Deluxe all you do is swipe left if you knew it, swipe up if you knew it really well, swipe down if you did not know it, and swipe right to go back and review a previous card.  It is really simple, and an incredibly fast way to get through loads of flashcards.  Of course the directions of your swiping are completely customizable.

They even have a website with a decent selection of user made flashcards ready for you do download and start using.  This is a fantastic app, and in my opinion, an Anki killer.


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