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Creator: Anki
Where You Can Get It: http://ankisrs.net/
Cost: Free to install onto your computer and android. 2,300 for the ipod application.
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Spaced repetition. Large user-base. Database full of already made decks.


Expensive. Not that easy to set up. Going through the cards is a slow process.

Anki is a flashcard program that uses Spaced Repetition to help the user remember what they are studying. The program can be used for virtually anything you want to study and is not limited to just languages. The interface is slower than other flashcard programs out there, but has a wide userbase that you can trade flashcards with to make your studying easier.

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Anki is a flashcard application that can work on your computer or any mobile device that supports applications.  The flashcard program uses a proven spaced repetition program to force you to review words you are struggling with at the appropriate time.  The cards are also equipped to display text, pictures, or even play recordings.  The cards can even display furigana unlike most flashcard applications.

Anki has a wide user-base and has a fairly large database of already made decks waiting for users to download.  Having a large user-base makes it easy to make and trade decks with friends as well as finding more decks online.

The problems Anki faces are its slow interface and its expensive price tag.  At 2,300 yen, Anki comes in nearly 7 times more expensive than Flashcards Deluxe (another flashcard application we recently reviewed).   Anki is available for free on the Android and your computer.  If you want to put it on your ipod though it will cost you.

When actually using Anki, you have to press buttons and determine how well you knew the answer.  After you choose the level of how well you knew the answer, there is no going back.  This can be aggravating at times.  Thanks to the spaced repetition, the card will be back soon, but you can’t go back when you want to.

What makes Anki special is its Spaced Repetition, but now this can be found in pretty much any flashcard application.  I would take a look at other programs before buying this.

Anki is available for free on the Android and your computer.  If you want to put it on your ipod though it will cost you.

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